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The Tail of a dog walker

As the number one chosen pet care provider for pets in West Yorkshire, even used by the Local Authority, you can feel confident and reassured that you are choosing the best dog walkers available.

We have been walking across West Yorkshire since 2007 and are an established pet care provider with a reputation for high standards and bespoke care packages that meet the needs of you, our valued customer. 

We work as a team to ensure the best services possible.  Started by me, Tori Lynn Crowther as a solo dog walker, I then began to realise how hard it is as a solo dog walker to get cover for holidays, illnesses, injuries, breakdowns, you name it, it happens.  I realised that I would be stronger as a team, so I started to recruit and train up dog walkers in 2011, getting stronger ever since.

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing professional pet care services. 

  • We chose this profession because we love dogs & healthy pursuits in the great outdoors.

  • We support you in providing a balanced and fulfilling life for your dog.

  • We dedicate our days to treating dogs with dignity and kindness.

  • We are licensed by Calderdale Council as Home Care Providers

  • We work as a team to ensure cover in all emergencies.

  • We are trained in Pet First Aid 

  • We have knowledge of dog behaviour & experience handling dogs.

  • We continue to improve our skills & knowledge of dog training & care by reading articles, books, expert lectures, videos & courses.

  • We carry 2 million pounds of insurance coverage to protect us, the dogs & the public.

  • We strive to preserve the safety & well being of everything & everyone we meet while dog walking.

  • We clean up after the dogs in our care and dispose of waste properly.

  • We abide by our Code Of Conduct and Code of ethics

  • We do not wilfully cause, or permit to be caused, cruelty, suffering, or injury to any animal.

  • We are concerned with the health, well being, safety and happiness of the animals in our care.

  • We ensure dogs are transported in a safe manner 

  • We ensure dogs in our care wear identification tags with owner/dog walker contact details.

  • We pay attention to the pets in our care and supervise their behaviour.

  • We do not walk dogs that display aggressive behaviour, to prevent harm to ourselves & others.

  • We advertise our services and credentials honestly.

  • We are friendly to fellow pet care professionals, as they are our colleagues.

  • We respect our client’s privacy and do not disclose confidential information.

  • Since 2015 we have used Pet Sitter Plus to help our clients.

     Dog Walker Software | Pet Sitter Plus

My Vision

My vision was to provide the best pet care companies for families, pets and pet care providers alike.  Bringing together a team to ensure the best services possible.

Image by James Barker
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