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For well over a decade, TLC Dog Walking has been the leading professional dog walking and pet care company in the UK

Why Choose us?

We are the Rolls Royce of Dog Walkers

Why Choose Us?

  • We have been established for over ten years, so you do not need to worry that we will leave you in the lurch as most newly established dog walkers do not last for more than two years.

  • We are Professional Dog Walkers.  We have on-going training and have a great deal of knowledge and skill between us and if you have a problem we can help.  Amongst our team we have a degree in Dog Behaviour and Psychology, many Canine first aiders, many qualifications in Animal Care, a Canine Masseuse, experienced trainers, experienced breeders, fly ball experience, agility experience, dog nutrition experience etc.

  • We understand you need reliability. We work as a team, we always have cover, so no need to worry if your dog walker is off sick or on holiday or you need an emergency ad hoc dog walk, we are there for you.

  • Our entire dog walking team have the facility to check in and out at houses and this is GPS marked so we can ensure everyone does the full amount you pay for.

  • We have team leaders who meet their team out on walks to ensure they are keeping our high standards at all times.

  • As we have a team, we can ensure that all our dogs are walked in a group with dogs that they are compatible with.

  • We are transparent.  We will not pretend you can have a service you can not have.  Our pricing structure is designed to accommodate as many needs as possible without changing our promises.

  • We have a code of conduct and code of ethics that all our walkers must abide by, so we have a continued standard with all our team members, a copy of which can be found on our website.

  • We are fully insured. Many dog walkers are not insured and when your dog has a serious accident in their care, they leave you to pay for it, we have taken on many dogs who have had accidents with their previous walkers and been left with a huge bill.​

  • We are covered on our insurance to walk up to six dogs, but usually only walk groups of three or four.

  • We have teams and each team has a team leader, so if you have any problems with your dog walker, you can just go to your team leader who will sort it for you.

  • We have a Private group on Facebook so you can see your dogs out playing with their pals.  You can not access this until there are photos of your dog on the group (which will be straight after the first walk).

  • We have a continued dog walker training plan and handbook for all our team members, so when they start walking your dog, you can be sure they are fully trained as a Professional TLC Dog Walker.

Areas we cover
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Bradford (South)


Halifax (North)

Halifax (South)


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