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Code Of Ethics

Code Of Ethics

As a dog walker, you have a duty to look after the dogs in your care, the people you may come across and the environment. At TLC Dog Walking, we have a Code of Ethics and a Code Of Conduct that we adhere to.

  • Ensure to the best of their ability, the care and safety of all animals, the public, and the environment at all times. (Animals Act 1971, Dangerous Dogs Act 1991)

  • Abide by the Animal Welfare Act and never provide physical discipline.

  • Never walk any dog that shows aggressive behaviour anywhere any person or animal can be harmed and ensure the dogs that walk in a group are well socialised.

  • Ensure all dogs in their care are under adequate control (The dogs (NI) Order 1983, The Dogs (Amendment) Act 2011, Welfare of Dogs)

  • Ensure all dogs have suitable and correctly fitting equipment and are legally allowed on a walk. (Road Traffic Act 1988 , Control of Dogs Order 1992, Dangerous Dogs Act 1991)

  • Clean up after the animal(s) in their care and dispose properly of any waste as the local guidelines state (Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005)

  • Provide adequate ventilation while travelling and fresh water.

  • Not leave unattended in a hot vehicle unless picking up and dropping off

  • Drive and park as courteously as possible and ensure the wellbeing of the passengers.

  • Check the dogs have clean, fresh water in their home.

  • Not disclose any private, personal or confidential information about clients.

  • Not advertise falsely any services or credentials.

  • Put the animals welfare before any commercial interest.

  • Show courtesy to fellow pet care professionals and shall not seek to discredit or undermine the reputation of other professionals or solicit clientele of said professionals.

  • Spreading malicious libelous and/or slanderous comments is unprofessional.

  • Ensure that all their team abide by the terms of the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.

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