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Three French Bullgod Puppies

For well over a decade, TLC Dog Walking has been the leading professional dog walking and puppy care company in the UK

Puppy Visits and Walks

Puppies at first cannot hold their bladder and will need to have comfort breaks during the day especially if they are kept in a crate whilst you are out.  You may need a professional to help out.

If owners are at work all day, puppies can not hold themselves. This may affect their toilet training as they may take longer to be completely trained or it may set them back.

Dogs are social animals, if they have only just left their mum and litter mates it is already a unsettling time for them. To be then left for long periods of time during the day with no company could cause them to suffer from separation anxiety which some breeds are prone to, and once they have it, it is very hard to stop.

Some puppies get destructive with boredom and need a visit to help stop them chewing up your house.

With puppy visits they will have company to break up their day and tire them out until you come home.

About the puppy service

For puppies that are not able to go out because they have not had vaccinations.  Puppy visits are available for 30 minutes.

During that time they will:

  • Have a comfort break

  • Have a play outside in the garden

  • Have lots of cuddles and attention

  • Once they are old enough they can go for a short walk

  • We will socialise them as soon as possible with other dogs

  • We will show them as many sights and sounds as possible to help them grow in confidence

  • Practice basic training skills.

  • If we arrive and they've had a toilet accident then we will clean up.

  • We will also do enrichment activities such as snuffle mats and searching for treats in the ball box. Encouraging dogs to use their noses in sniffy games tires them out so they'll be ready to rest when we leave and until you come home.

  • We tailor our visits to suit your puppies interest and energy levels.

As soon as they are able, we get them out and about to see as many sites as possible to help them gain confidence so they can grow up as a happy, contented member of the family.

We get them socialised as much as possible and meet as many people as possible.  It is very important to get the ground work in as early as possible. We try to stick to around 1 minute walk for 1 week of their life.

Once they are around 6 months old, we get them out on the full group walks, to ensure they get the chance to play with their friends and socialise while ensuring that they are as calm as possible and do no hill work or stairs and absolutely no chasing after balls as these are all bad for growing joints.

Areas we cover
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