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Not yet ready for a group walk?

If your dog is not quite ready for a full group walk, we do have some options available. 


Please note, these are with the intention of the dogs joining a group walk eventually, we do not generally do solo walks for dogs that will not be able to join a group. 


The dogs we often take on in these walks are generally young and not totally happy with group walks, maybe they find them a bit much at the moment, or they are a bit too giddy, or a bit inexperienced so need one on one work to ensure they do not get into trouble.  With these walks we will try and meet up with out other dog walkers to get them ready for the group walks.

We generally find that the dogs we walk from being young puppies have no problems fitting into the group walks.

Difficult Dog Walk Program


Extended Walk Difficult Dog Walk Program


Small Group Walks


Solo Dog Walks


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