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Code of Conduct

Code Of Conduct

As a dog walker, you have a duty to look after the dogs in your care, the people you may come across and the environment. At TLC Dog Walking, we have a Code of Ethics and a Code Of Conduct that we adhere to.

  • Be a Green Dog Walker and clean up after the dogs in their care and dispose properly of all waste, thereby setting an example to members of the public and have available bags for others to borrow.

  • Never walk more than the local area allows and the amount they are insured for to minimise the impact walking multiple dogs has on others and ensure their insurance is valid.

  • Respect and promote all current animal control laws and by-laws

  • Ensure all dogs walked by them have identification tags displaying owners/handlers contact details

  • Ensure dogs are never left unattended in public places

  • Show care and respect for the public and the environment

  • Be always courteous to members of the public.

  • Not advertise falsely any service or similar credentials

  • Ensure dogs are transported in a safe and legal manner

  • Not use any form of corporal punishment on a dog

  • Not to solicit the clientele belonging to another dog walking group

  • Have a good knowledge of dog behaviour and skills in dog training and handling

  • Not walk a dog off the lead without permission from their owners

  • Ensure there is always clean water available for the dogs

  • To inform the dog warden immediately of any missing dogs

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