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For well over a decade, TLC Dog Walking has been the leading professional dog walking and pet care company in the UK

Home From Home Boarding

Home from Home Boarding

Suitability for Boarding
The Pawfect Alternative to Kennels for our Dog Walking Clients

Your dog will feel right at home


Available for our dog walking clients only.  As devoted dog owners, our home from home dog boarding service takes away the stress of organising holiday pet care leaving you able to relax and enjoy yourself.

Dog home from home boarding is a fantastic alternative to traditional dog boarding kennels – ideal if you want your dog to be looked after in a caring home environment while you’re away.  You need to feel confident they will receive the same amount of love and attention they are used to.

TLC Dog Walking provides the perfect alternative to kennels with our home from home boarding service, giving you complete peace of mind that your dog is cared for while you are away.

Our home boarding is per calendar day, leaving you with no rush.

Is my dog suitable for home boarding?


Home boarding is best for dogs who are friendly, well socialised and enjoy living as part of a family.


We board dogs that are:

  • Currently Walked by a TLC Dog Walking Team

  • House trained

  • Up to date with vaccinations (including kennel cough)

  • Up to date with flea and worming treatment (using products recommended by the vet)

  • Friendly and sociable with people and other dogs

  • Capable of going out on group dog walks

  • Not destructive

  • Not do antisocial barking (barking at unsuitable hours)

  • Some license conditions mean that dogs under six months old and un-neutered males cannot be boarded – please check with your local branch or consider house sitting instead. 

Our Restrictions

Please note that due to being licence holders, we are limited by the licence to how many dogs we can board, and any more than this will jeopardise our licence. 

Some of our home boarders have young children, cats, dogs, birds and other family members, so please ensure we are aware if your dog is not suitable to be homed with anything.

As we do dog walking all week, weekends are generally our time off, so if you want to book a weekend, ensure you book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

We do not board dogs we do not walk to ensure we have space for all our dog walking clients should they need it.

This is our home, so we can not accept dogs that are not fully housetrained, bark a lot or are destructive.

We do book up quickly due to limited spaces.

Please note

Booking fees are none refundable

Cancellation fee may be charged

Dogs are at home

TLC Dog Walking Calderdale Council Home Boarding Licence Number

HBO 0050

Calderdale Licence Holders List

Calderdale Council Website

Please note that this is a list of all the licence holders for animal care, they may be Home Boarding, Catteries or Kennels, please do your research.

Our Restrictions
Licence Holders

* The Dog Licensing Laws changed for good reason: If you choose to use a dog boarder or day care provider,  we strongly recommend you use a licensed provider, as all of the appropriate checks have been made by the local authority and their insurance will be valid. ALL Dog boarders/Day care providers, large and small now need to be licenced by law, many still operate unlawfully without. If they are operating without a licence, the punishments are clearly set out. They can be prosecuted and sentenced to up to three months in prison and fined up to £500

Please see here for all Boarding/Licence Holders that are working within the law and have all their council checks and will ask for the required documentation from their clients as required by to hold the licence.

Council Website Link

Further Information
Areas we cover
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