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Professional dog walker for your puppy

Having a new puppy in the house can be a great challenge, but it can be the most rewarding thing, welcoming a new family member into your house. It is important to have the essentials like food, toys, puppy proofing of your home, a vet and puppy classes. But finding essential services to help maintain exercise and a routine are just as important! While every dog can benefit from dog walking services, there are also many added benefits for puppies to establish a routine early on. It is much easier to prevent unwanted behaviour than stopping it. Read on to learn more about the benefits of having a professional dog walker for your puppy!

When you live in England, the weather conditions are not always ideal. You cannot beat having a scheduled daily walker that will brave all types of weather to ensure your puppy gets their potty break no matter what. Rain, shine, sleet or snow, TLC Dog Walking is here to care for your new family member!

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Establish a Routine early on!

Establishing a routine early on with your puppy will help them thrive! Having a consistent dog walking schedule will help you maintain a toilet training routine. Accidents can be frustrating for both the dog and parent. Many clients may want to utilise multiple walks per day to ensure their puppy has enough potty breaks and stimulation. Problems are much easier to prevent than to stop, so joining a dog walking company early on can be extremely beneficial.

The walks are also a good time to help practice lead training, which makes pet parent’s lives much more enjoyable! Walking your dog on a lead should ultimately be rewarding for the dog and the parent. Getting in the repeated practice and guidance from a pet care professional on walks means your puppy will learn proper lead petiquette more quickly and can also help puppies get accustomed to life and allow them to understand that occasional loud noises, other animals, vehicles, people are nothing to be afraid of, but instead part of their environment.

Individualised Plan

Every puppy’s individual needs are different, and it is important that their needs are met for their social emotional wellbeing. With a professional dog walking service like TLC Dog Walking, your puppy gets the same consistent dog walker each day of service but with the knowledge that if they need to be off, there is a backup walker who knows your puppy, just waiting to step in. Professional, experienced dog walkers can easily spot progress and regressions and can keep the puppy on track and motivated while also looping in the owners, so the puppy gets consistent care from everyone who walks them.

In groups, a pup can develop bonds and learn from others, enjoying walks and learning how to be a pleasure to walk. When pups join us, they thrive!

Reducing Separation Anxiety

It is important to establish a solid foundation for your puppy to help reduce separation anxiety , which is important, not only so your puppy does not get undue stress, but also helps to minimise destructive behaviour that can come in the form of chewing and scratching, unwanted noise and accidents.

Due to Covid-19 many puppies have been adopted and are accustomed to having their parents at home all the time. When pet parents start returning to their workplaces more and leave their puppy home alone, negative behaviour may emerge. With daily dog walking, the puppy can practice being away from the home on a regular basis which will make them calmer and more prepared for their parents’ full return to a pre-pandemic lifestyle. Puppies can become accustomed to spending time away from home while having someone else help reinforce their positive training without mum and dad there every step of the way.

A Daily Exercise Schedule

Daily walks are essential not only for physical stimulation, but also for mental stimulation for a puppy! Consistent daily walks help puppies stay happy and healthy, while also helping them exercise their mind by discovering new smells and sights around the neighbourhood. Puppies have a lot of energy, so having a daily walk scheduled will help ensure that they can alleviate that energy in a positive manner. A tired puppy is a well-behaved puppy!

We Walk while you work!

Maintaining your work schedule can be difficult with a new puppy in the home who requires a lot of attention! Quiet time is needed during conference calls and work time, so having your puppy out of the home for a brief period can be helpful. An added benefit of daily dog walking includes knowing when your puppy is with a trusted walker and never too far from home.

When you are choosing a dog walker, ensure they are fully insured, licenced by the council, and have lots of experience with your breed of dog. At TLC Dog Walking, we have been professionally walking dogs since 2007, so you can be sure you are in safe hands.

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