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10 ways to keep your dog happy and healthy

Happy Husky

  1. Provide a constant supply of clean, fresh water

Change the water at least twice daily. Dogs with a constant supply of fresh water generally live longer, healthier lives.Pay attention to how much water your dog generally consumes, then you will notice if they suddenly drink more or less.

2. Exercise your dog regularly.

Going for a nice walk with your dog will ensure you both maintain fitness.A tired dog is a happy dog and much less likely to be destructive if left alone in the house, however, do be aware that puppies should get no more than one minute walk per week of their life per day.

3. Feed a high quality pet food and maintain their body weight

A high quality pet food can improve the dogs health, meaning less trips to the vet and saving money in the long run. Obesity can lead to arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and many other things. Most dogs are overweight because they are fed too much and get too little exercise. Feeding too much or too many treats does not show that you love them, it just makes them suffer when you could have avoided it. When you look down on a dog from above you should be able to see their waist. You should be able to feel but not really see their ribs, if their ribs are quite apparent, they are underweight.If they are the wrong weight, adjust their food appropriately but around 10% every couple of weeks until they reach the optimum weight, then ensure you weight out their food daily and only give treats from this food allowance.

4. Learn to speak dog

Dogs are much better at understanding us than we are at understanding them. Each dog has its own little language and it is important that you understand what they are trying to say. Their body language is the biggest giveaway. As they grow older, their wants and needs will change, but if they have a sudden change in their behaviour, they are trying to tell you something. Remember that most aggressive dogs are frightened ones.

5. Play with your dog

Every day you should make time to bond and play with your dog.Dogs are very sociable animals and thrive in the company of others.Whenever you get the chance, let them play with other dogs to ensure they are well socialised and stable.

6. Training

A dog is never too old to learn a new trick, and old tricks need to be refreshed and improved.Always remember to reward them for good behaviour, even if they always do it.

7. Grooming

Grooming should be practiced from being young, even if they do not needs it, it builds trust and prepares them for when they get older and are more likely to need grooming.

8. Change their toys

Have a toy box for them on the floor that they can access at will, every few days, go through their toybox, remove any damaged toys and throw away and clean any dirty toys, remove some of the toys and put them in a cupboard and swap for some others that they have not seen for a while.This makes it all fun and new again.

9. Be consistent and have boundaries

Dogs need consistent rules and boundaries so they know what they are allowed to do.If you have no boundaries, they will fall off the edge and not be pleasant to live with. If you have rules one day and forget them the next, they will not know where they stand, that is no fun for anyone.

10. Verbal and Physical praise

Dogs aim to please, and what better reward that a happy voice and a pet will make them feel appreciated.They do not have to be doing anything particular, maybe just even that they are laying quietly, go over and give them a love to make them feel special.

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