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Small Group Walks

Small Group Walks

We offer a small group service for those who are choosy over who they walk with or cannot not cope with a full group of 4 or more dogs. In the small group there will be two or three dogs in total. Never any more.
With so many beautiful places to go to take the dogs, we are all spoilt for choice. Most range from short riverside walks to long, relaxing, peaceful walks on the moors. Most walks are free from roads with heavy traffic and full of places to run and play.

Our service is designed for clients who are unable to take their dog out and give them what they need. We are here to take the pressure away so you're able to get on with your day knowing that your dog has been exercised, had fun, played with friends, and then is left at home without the stress of being left in a kennel for the day.

How does it work?

We will arrange a complimentary visit to you at your home at a time to suit yourself (often in the early evenings). We will meet you and your dogs and get fully acquainted, answer all your questions and obtain a key.

All of our team of dog walkers are fully insured and registered. Our insurance company is LRMS Insurance Services Limited, trading as: Pet Business Insurance. In the Small groups we only walk two or three dogs, but each team member is insured to walk up to six dogs at a time (maximum) and general walks generally consist of four or less unless we are having a puppy party in a carefully selected area, where dog walkers meet up to socialise the dogs and let them have fun as they like it, the more the merrier and all certificates and references can be viewed.

Most insurance companies only insure up to a maximum of six dogs at any one time so dog walkers that walk more than six dogs at a time might not be insured. However, we generally prefer to do groups of up to four dogs. We are insured for six to ensure we can cover other team members in emergencies. On the day of the walk, your dog walker will pick your dog up at the agreed slot and take them out for a fun, off lead if it is safe, group walk with other dogs. On return, they will generally leave them where they found them in your house unless told otherwise. Aquasorbed down to ensure the bulk of the dirt is off. Please have an available hose, or a suitable dog cleaner if they need extra attention, you know your dog better than anyone.

This is for dogs that will get on with any other dog. If we have any problems with choosing who they walk with, there may be a £2 surcharge to cover extra admin costs and mileage to ensure they get walked with the suitable dogs. (We will always inform you of this in advance).

We offer one to one walks when there is availability, these are very limited so we reserve the spaces for current clients, dogs recovering from injury or elderly dogs who just want to stretch their legs, sniff some grass and have some fresh air and a gentle wander.

50% discount for each additional dog from the same address on the same walk.

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