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Lost Dog Policy

Please see our lost dog policy

Lost Dog Policy

What is the Lost Dog Policy For?​

Our Lost Dog Policy is for the unfortunate time a a dog may go missing so all our team and families are aware of what will happen.

How can you ensure your dog is safely returned?

Please ensure your dog has a current tag on both its collar and harness to ensure that anyone who may get hold of your little terror can contact you immediately.  It is also your responsibility to ensure the microchip is be up to date so that if a vet scans the dog they know exactly who it belongs to.

What will happen?

Please note, if ever any of our dogs goes missing for a few minutes, we try our best to disrupt you or upset you as little as possible, as they generally come trotting back a few minutes later having chased a squirrel up a tree, oblivious to the horror we have been through.

Our first port of call if we have a dog goes missing for more than is usual for that general dog is to send an URGENT email out to all our dog walkers stating that the dog has gone missing, the area it was last seen and when.  This ensures that any of our team in that area will head over to help look for the missing pooch.

We will then get the dog reported as missing on Facebook, as this is an amazing way of ensuring that anyone that may be in the area can grab the dog and contact us asap to ensure they do not get too far away.

If we still have no luck with sighting your dog, we will the contact you.

We walk over 100 dogs a day.  We loose around one dog a month more less than10 minutes.  Since I began dog walking in 2007, the company has only had one dog taken to a vets to scan its microchip and possibly once a year we have a dog go missing for more than an hour.  We do have some frequent offenders, but their owners are well aware of their potential and they are usually the squirrel chasers in the woods who are trying to climb a tree for 10 minutes!  The dogs that are most likely to go missing are generally when they are new to us or have not been walked by us for a long while.  We have never had a dog missing for more than a few hours, and one of these was my own spaniel who had got his coat stuck in a tree and was sat patiently waiting for me to find him!

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