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Client Portal

We have a Client Portal so you can keep all the information you need together to keep your pup happy.

Client Portal


Our Council Boarding Licence stipulates we MUST receive lots of information about your dog to comply with our council licence. Most of this is for the health and wellbeing of your dog. However, once you have all the information in one place, it is always there should you need easy access to it.

There is also quick access by the client portal to all our company information, your invoices and future bookings.

The first page you will come across is our T&C, which you will need to agree to so you can move on further, but without this we cannot work with your dog.

Once you are into your portal, you will need to ensure all the compulsory boxes are filled in (Your Full Name, Email and Address) to then get access to more data so you can start to fill in the information for the stay.

To the left of the page, you will see a list of things, such as:
• Account Summary
• View Schedule
• Request Services
• My Information
• Invoices
• Payments
• Log out

If you click on the MY INFORMATION another drop down menu will appear with:
• You may still need to do this???
• Your details
• Contacts
• Suitability to Home Board
• Important Information
• Pets

When you are updating your information, do not forget to click UPDATE or your hard work will be for nothing as it will not save.

The first box, YOU MAY STILL NEED TO DO THIS? Will help you to see what you still need to do and guide you through the rest.

YOUR DETAILS: Please ensure we have all these available

CONTACTS: Please ensure you have ticked I have a suitable emergency contact and updated who they are for those emergencies.

SUITABILITY TO HOME BOARD: Please ensure you fill this in to ensure there are no issues.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please read and confirm that you agree with all these.

If you click on INVOICES you can see all the invoices that have been sent to you.

If you click on PAYMENTS, you can see all the payments we have recorded. Please note, these are manually inputted, and mistakes can happen. If you spot an error, please let us know.

Do not forget to click UPDATE or your hard work will be for nothing as it will not save.

Please contact us if you do not have your Portal Information and we will send it to you.

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