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6 Month Family Club Membership




6 Months

Become a TLC Family Club Member

If you are going to be needing a lot of dog walks, you will benefit from joining our TLC Family Club. Get money off each walk, homecare and home from home boarding for one upfront payment. Walks will be discounted for a full calendar year, then a renewal will be due to keep receiving continued discounts. If you have more than 3 walks a week, you will benefit from joining this club on the 6 months basis.

Receive £4 off per walk and £2 off day care and boarding per day.

Any walks are guaranteed at a set price right through until renewal when they will be updated and discounted from the current price, again set until the next renewal.

Please note, you can cancel this mid term, but you will need to pay back all the discounts you have received and a £50 administration fee.

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