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Puppy Visits

From £10.50 (FCD)

30 minutes

Suitable for puppies that have not yet completed all their jabs so are not able to walk on the roads or fields. We come in, offer a comfort break, some food, a play and another comfort bread. How long can puppies be left alone? Puppies have a very short time that they can hold their bladder. At 8-10 weeks they can be left alone up to an hour. 11-14 weeks they can be left alone for up to 3 hours. 15 - 16 weeks up to 4 hours. Take note that this is up to. We often do a few puppy visits in a day and would never advise that you get a puppy under 10 weeks and leave it alone. 50% discount for each additional puppy from the same address on the same walk.

Please note, this price is for areas that we currently cover. If we do not have dog walks in your area, you may need to pay an additional fee straight to your dog walker to cover extra fuel costs and time.


Your pets are part of your family.  At TLC Dog Walking, we are in the childcare business.  We do not see our fury/feathery or scaly friends as pets, but family members.  We go above and beyond to ensure your furpals get the best possible care.

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