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Pet Sitting

From £10.50 (FCD)

15 minutes

Going away for business or pleasure? Worried about pets? Security?

Who will feed the fish, clean out the rabbits, collect the eggs, check the donkey, talk to the parrot and keep the snake warm?

​If, like many households you have numerous animals / pets that need sitting when you are away, sorting out their many varied needs can be difficult, stressful and time consuming. Our team at TLC Dog Walking come from an enormous range of backgrounds and have the breadth of experience and skills to care for ALL your animals and pets. We have many clients with complicated needs so don’t despair – ring us to discuss how we can help care for the whole menagerie.

​TLC Dog Walking can cater for:

Small animals – Rabbits / Rats / Guinea Pigs / Mice / Gerbils / Tortoises / Ferrets

Livestock – Chickens / Geese / Ducks / Cattle / Llamas / Donkeys / Sheep / Pigs / Goats

Birds – Parrots / Parakeets / Budgies / other cage birds

Reptiles & Snakes

Fish, Tropical and Cold

​Many of our pet sitters come from rural / farming backgrounds and can take care of a complete smallholding as well as your dogs and cats if needed. To give you an idea of the variety of assignments our pet sitters undertake here are the primary responsibilities of a few of them:

​6 rats, 2 ferrets and 3 cats

6 tropical fish aquariums

2 Rabbits, 2 Guinea pigs

Care of 15 horses

1 horses, 6 sheep, 2 cats, 3 hens, 1 cockerel

7 pigs and 8 sheep

Kennels and catteries

Aquarium with Stingray

Fish pond and 12 cats

3 donkeys, 2 horses and 14 cats

2 Hamsters and a rabbit

Please note, we will not do dogs on pet sitting visits.


Your pets are part of your family.  At TLC Dog Walking, we are in the childcare business.  We do not see our fury/feathery or scaly friends as pets, but family members.  We go above and beyond to ensure your furpals get the best possible care.

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