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Difficult Dog Walk Program

From £25.50

From 30 minutes

Solo dog walk with the intention of joining a group. You are welcome to come out on these walks with us if you wish. We take these dogs out for a walk with one dog walker and no other dogs and gradually introduce them to other dogs we walk in a carefully selected group. There may be another team member with a group of our dogs, and we will carefully integrate them into the group with the intention of them joining one of our groups. These walks will generally take over 30 minutes, but they may be away from home for longer as we may be taking them to meet another group and we can never guarantee where they will be. Availability varies due to location. Some locations may need an extra mileage.


Your pets are part of your family.  At TLC Dog Walking, we are in the childcare business.  We do not see our fury/feathery or scaly friends as pets, but family members.  We go above and beyond to ensure your furpals get the best possible care.

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