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Difficult Dog Walk Program

Difficult Dog Walk Program

A 30 minute solo dog walk with the intention of joining a group.

One thing we are seeing more and more after lockdown is the dogs that are not ready to go into a group walk, but really would like to.

We offer a short-term service to clients who would like their dog to go in our group walks but do remember not all dogs are suitable for a group walk. The younger they start, the greater the chances they will enjoy a group walk. This is generally only suitable for dogs under 18 months, any older must be neutered.

You are welcome to come out on these walks with us if you wish. We take these dogs out for a walk with one dog walker and no other dogs to begin with. We slowly introduce them to other dogs we walk in a carefully selected group. This means that there is one handler to control one dog, so if any issues arise, they can quickly get the dog away from the situation and correct any problems as they happen.

Once they’ve met and know each other as a walking group, dogs being so sociable, many will simply be excited anticipating their venture and will focus on that and not on the dogs that they already know. Then we know it is time for them to join the groups. We will discuss with you which group they will fit into. We offer a small group for the dogs that are not quite ready for a full group and we do have two prices for the full groups, one for the dogs that will get along with any other dogs, and one for the ones that will get along with most, but not all.

Please do note, there are no guarantees that all dogs will be suitable for group walks, and if this is the case after 20 walks, we may no longer be available to walk them and will advise you get a solo dog if we cannot fit them in as our solo walk spaces and difficult dog program spaces are very limited. However, if after 20 walks they are not ready but we can still see potential to join a group, we will continue.

These walks will generally take over 30 minutes, but they may be away from home for longer as we may be taking them to meet another group and we can never guarantee where they will be. Availability varies due to location. Some locations may need an extra mileage.

We try to integrate them into a group as soon as possible, but this is not always straight forward, and sometimes, they join a group and we find they need to go back to solo walks so that they have one on one with a dog handler to ensure there is as few issues as possible. It is not a process that should be rushed, as this can cause more problems.

We do recommend these dogs are also seen by a certified dog behaviourist, please note, this is not the same as a dog trainer, police dog handler or any other uncertified people who go out to help dogs with issues.

50% discount for each additional dog from the same address on the same walk.

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