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Dog Walking Information

Is it for you?

Walking dogs for a living is much more than just holding a lead and getting some exercise.  It can be very rewarding and very challenging.

We walk dogs over much of West Yorkshire.  Not all dogs are easy, you need to be able to cope with the difficult ones too.  You could choose to walk the dogs you see as easy, but what happens if a large, vicious dog comes over and attacks your dog, what would you do?

Some of our dogs pull or are not the best at recall.  It is upto you as their dog walker to help with their training and make their walks nicer for you.

Our dogs can be positioned a mile apart, so you must have a full clean driving licence and a vehicle that can carry at least 4 dogs. 

We work as a group to help each other out.  We are not solo dog walkers, but part of a team.

Being a solo dog walker can be a very lonely business, with no holiday pay or anyone to cover holidays or illness.  No one to chase the bills if a client does not pay.  You have too many dogs one day and have to let some clients down, so you lose them.  Sorting out your own insurance and paying any excess. If you have a problem on a walk, you are on your own.  Becoming part of a team solves all these problems.

We have a team with a team leader who will organise your walks for you and sort out any issues you may have.  If you are needing a holiday, you get paid holiday and someone will cover your dogs.  If you have a busy day, someone will help you out.  If you lose a dog, or a dog gets injured, there are other team members who will be there to help you.  You are insured under the company insurance and will get paid even if we have not been paid for the walks you have done.

If you think you would like to join one of our dog walking teams, click on the link below.

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